Bari Kothi's Shopify Store for Heritage Products

Bari Kothi, a meticulously restored heritage hotel nestled by the Ganges River in India, undertook a strategic initiative to expand its digital presence by collaborating with Cart Potato. The goal was to introduce a new Shopify store to showcase and sell Bari Kothi’s heritage products. This venture aimed to leverage the Shopify platform to create an engaging online shopping experience for its loyal patrons.

Shopify Store Creation: Cart Potato, in collaboration with Bari Kothi, designed and developed a bespoke Shopify store. The store focused exclusively on presenting and selling the hotel’s range of heritage products.

Diversification of Offerings: Bari Kothi, known for its rich history and unique charm, decided to diversify its digital presence by featuring and selling heritage products, such as artifacts, souvenirs, and curated items, through the new Shopify store.

The decision to create a new Shopify store alongside the existing website was driven by specific challenges:

Limited Digital Product Showcase: The existing website primarily focused on hotel bookings, lacking a dedicated space to showcase and sell Bari Kothi’s heritage products.

Diversification Strategy: Bari Kothi aimed to expand its revenue streams by venturing into e-commerce for heritage products, necessitating a separate platform.

Cart Potato and Bari Kothi devised a strategic solution tailored to address the identified challenges:

Shopify Store Development: A new Shopify store was created to exclusively showcase and sell Bari Kothi’s heritage products. The store was designed to complement the hotel’s brand and highlight the unique aspects of the products.

E-commerce Integration: The Shopify store incorporated robust e-commerce features, providing visitors with a seamless and secure

The introduction of the Shopify store for heritage products yielded positive outcomes:

Diversified Revenue Stream: Bari Kothi successfully expanded its revenue streams by offering heritage products through the Shopify store.

Enhanced Digital Showcase: The new platform effectively highlighted the hotel’s heritage offerings, attracting a broader audience interested in cultural and historical items.

Bari Kothi’s decision to create a dedicated Shopify store for heritage products, in collaboration with Cart Potato, exemplifies a strategic approach to diversifying digital offerings without disrupting existing operations. This case study underscores the potential for businesses to leverage e-commerce for specific product lines while maintaining a parallel online presence for distinct purposes.