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House of EDSA - Elevating Modern Femininity Through Luxurious Jewellery

House of EDSA is a premium jewellery store dedicated to elevating the essence of modern femininity through meticulously handcrafted, luxurious jewellery pieces. As a new venture in the competitive world of online retail, House of EDSA sought to establish a strong brand identity and create an immersive online shopping experience that would captivate customers and set them apart from the competition. In addition to developing the e-commerce platform, House of EDSA entrusted our Shopify agency with the task of crafting their brand identity to reflect their vision of modern luxury and sophistication.


1. Establishing a Strong Brand Identity: With no existing presence, House of EDSA needed to create a brand identity from scratch that would resonate with their target audience and differentiate them in the crowded jewellery market.

2. Creating an Immersive Online Shopping Experience: As an exclusively online retailer, House of EDSA wanted to create a seamless and engaging shopping experience that would showcase their exquisite jewellery collection and inspire confidence in their customers’ purchasing decisions.

3. Ensuring Scalability and Flexibility: With ambitions for future growth and expansion, House of EDSA needed a scalable Ecommerce platform that could accommodate their evolving needs and adapt to changing market trends.


Cart Potato- The trusted Shopify/ Shopify Plus dedicated agency embarked on a comprehensive strategy to bring House of EDSA’s vision to life and position them as a premier destination for luxury jewellery online. The key components of the solution included:

1. Branding:
– Conducted in-depth market research to understand the preferences and expectations of House of EDSA’s target audience.
– Developed a brand identity that reflected the brand’s values of modern femininity, sophistication, and luxury.
– Created a distinctive logo, colour palette, and visual assets that conveyed elegance and exclusivity.
– Designed branded packaging materials to enhance the overall unboxing experience and reinforce the brand’s premium image.

2. E-commerce Development:
– Customized a Shopify Ecommerce platform to showcase House of EDSA’s jewellery collection in a visually stunning and user-friendly manner.
– Implemented responsive design principles to ensure seamless functionality across all devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones.
– Integrated secure payment gateways to provide customers with a safe and convenient shopping experience.
– Implemented advanced features such as product recommendations, wishlists, and user reviews to enhance engagement and drive conversions.

3. Marketing and Promotion:
– Developed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to the House of EDSA website.
– Leveraged social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest to showcase the brand’s jewellery collection and engage with customers.
– Collaborated with influencers and fashion bloggers to create buzz around House of EDSA’s launch and attract a targeted audience of fashion-forward consumers.
– Implemented email marketing campaigns to nurture leads and encourage repeat purchases from existing customers.


Successful Launch: House of EDSA’s website launched to much anticipation and excitement, garnering positive feedback from customers and industry insiders alike.

Increased Brand Recognition: Our branding efforts helped establish House of EDSA as a reputable and recognizable brand in the competitive jewellery market, earning them a loyal following of fashion-conscious consumers.

Enhanced User Experience: The House of EDSA website offers a seamless and immersive shopping experience, allowing customers to explore the brand’s exquisite jewellery collection with ease and confidence.

Growing Sales and Revenue: With our strategic marketing initiatives driving traffic and conversions, House of EDSA has experienced steady growth in sales and revenue since its launch, positioning them for future success and expansion.


In partnership with our Shopify agency, House of EDSA has successfully transformed from a fresh startup to a thriving online destination for modern, luxurious jewellery. By focusing on brand identity, e-commerce development, and strategic marketing, we have helped House of EDSA establish a strong foothold in the competitive jewellery market and set the stage for continued growth and success in the years to come.

Bari Kothi's Shopify Store for Heritage Products

Bari Kothi, a meticulously restored heritage hotel nestled by the Ganges River in India, undertook a strategic initiative to expand its digital presence by collaborating with Cart Potato. The goal was to introduce a new Shopify store to showcase and sell Bari Kothi’s heritage products. This venture aimed to leverage the Shopify platform to create an engaging online shopping experience for its loyal patrons.

Shopify Store Creation: Cart Potato, in collaboration with Bari Kothi, designed and developed a bespoke Shopify store. The store focused exclusively on presenting and selling the hotel’s range of heritage products.

Diversification of Offerings: Bari Kothi, known for its rich history and unique charm, decided to diversify its digital presence by featuring and selling heritage products, such as artifacts, souvenirs, and curated items, through the new Shopify store.

The decision to create a new Shopify store alongside the existing website was driven by specific challenges:

Limited Digital Product Showcase: The existing website primarily focused on hotel bookings, lacking a dedicated space to showcase and sell Bari Kothi’s heritage products.

Diversification Strategy: Bari Kothi aimed to expand its revenue streams by venturing into e-commerce for heritage products, necessitating a separate platform.

Cart Potato and Bari Kothi devised a strategic solution tailored to address the identified challenges:

Shopify Store Development: A new Shopify store was created to exclusively showcase and sell Bari Kothi’s heritage products. The store was designed to complement the hotel’s brand and highlight the unique aspects of the products.

E-commerce Integration: The Shopify store incorporated robust e-commerce features, providing visitors with a seamless and secure

The introduction of the Shopify store for heritage products yielded positive outcomes:

Diversified Revenue Stream: Bari Kothi successfully expanded its revenue streams by offering heritage products through the Shopify store.

Enhanced Digital Showcase: The new platform effectively highlighted the hotel’s heritage offerings, attracting a broader audience interested in cultural and historical items.

Bari Kothi’s decision to create a dedicated Shopify store for heritage products, in collaboration with Cart Potato, exemplifies a strategic approach to diversifying digital offerings without disrupting existing operations. This case study underscores the potential for businesses to leverage e-commerce for specific product lines while maintaining a parallel online presence for distinct purposes.

Elevating Natural Beauty with Lishko's Shopify Store

  • Client Overview: Lishko, a visionary brand dedicated to providing natural and organic cosmetics, is on a mission to redefine beauty and skincare. With a commitment to clean and sustainable products, Lishko partnered with Cart Potato, the E-commerce wing of Digital Kangaroos, to create a Shopify store that not only reflected their values but also facilitated a seamless online shopping experience.
  • The Challenge: Lishko’s challenge was twofold: to convey the essence of their organic products through a digital platform and to provide customers with an intuitive E-commerce journey that echoed the brand’s commitment to transparency and sustainability.
  • Our Approach: Crafting a Natural Beauty Oasis on Shopify: Cart Potato embraced Lishko’s ethos and embarked on the journey to create a Shopify store that was a testament to the brand’s natural beauty philosophy. The approach encompassed creating an immersive experience that not only showcased products but also educated visitors about the benefits of natural cosmetics.
    1. Natural Aesthetics:The design of the Shopify store was a reflection of Lishko’s commitment to natural beauty. Earthy tones, organic visuals, and a clutter-free layout mirrored the brand’s values, providing a tranquil and inviting digital atmosphere.
    2. Product Showcase:To showcase Lishko’s natural cosmetics, Cart Potato meticulously curated high-quality images and detailed product descriptions. The Shopify store allowed visitors to explore the ingredients, benefits, and sustainable practices behind each product.
    3. Educational Content:A unique aspect of the Shopify store was its integration of educational content. Cart Potato created dedicated sections to educate visitors about the importance of natural ingredients, debunking myths, and providing insights into sustainable skincare practices.
    4. User-Friendly Navigation:The Shopify store’s navigation was designed to ensure ease of exploration. Categories were organized logically, and filtering options enabled customers to find the right products tailored to their needs.
    5. Trust and Transparency:The Shopify store showcased Lishko’s commitment to transparency by providing information about ingredient sourcing, ethical practices, and certifications that validated the brand’s authenticity.
  • Results: The transformation of Lishko’s digital presence through their Shopify store yielded tangible outcomes:
    1. Brand Consistency:The Shopify store seamlessly translated Lishko’s brand essence into a digital realm, ensuring consistency in messaging and aesthetics.
    2. Educated Customer Base:The integration of educational content fostered a community of informed customers who understood the value of natural and organic cosmetics.
    3. Sustainable Growth:The alignment of the Shopify store with Lishko’s values resonated with a niche audience seeking natural beauty solutions, leading to a growth in customer base and sales.
    4. Enhanced User Engagement:The interactive nature of the Shopify store, with its educational content and informative blog posts, engaged visitors on a deeper level.
    5. Boosted Conversion Rates:The intuitive design, combined with transparent information and seamless checkout process, led to increased conversion rates and repeat purchases.
  • Conclusion: The collaboration between Lishko and Cart Potato resulted in a Shopify store that not only sold products but also served as an educational hub for natural beauty enthusiasts. By marrying aesthetic appeal with informative content, the Shopify store became a digital haven for those seeking genuine and sustainable skincare solutions. The link between Lishko’s commitment to natural beauty and the Shopify store’s seamless experience stands as a testament to how E-commerce platforms can amplify a brand’s values and resonate with a conscious consumer base.Visit the Shopify store at: https://lishko.in/

Empowering Papernest with an Eco-Friendly Shopify Store

  • Client Overview: Papernest, a distinctive stationery brand, had already made its mark with functional and eco-friendly products that resonated with conscious consumers. While their offline presence and marketplace sales on platforms like Amazon were successful, they recognized the need to establish a unique E-commerce identity to expand their reach and connect more intimately with their audience.
  • The Challenge: The decision to transition from marketplace selling to an independent E-commerce store came with its set of challenges. Papernest sought a platform that would align seamlessly with their eco-friendly ethos, provide exceptional user experience, and showcase their products’ unique features while offering a sustainable shopping journey.
  • Our Approach: Building a Shopify Store with a Green Heart: As the E-commerce extension of Digital Kangaroos, Cart Potato embraced Papernest’s vision and set out to create a Shopify store that not only captured the essence of their brand but also resonated with environmentally-conscious consumers.
    1. Eco-Friendly Design:The design of the Shopify store was infused with eco-friendly elements, showcasing Papernest’s commitment to sustainability. Earthy tones, nature-inspired graphics, and a clean layout communicated the brand’s values from the moment users landed on the site.
    2. Product Showcase:The heart of any E-commerce store is its product display. Cart Potato crafted a visually appealing product showcase that highlighted the functional and eco-friendly aspects of each item. High-quality images and detailed product descriptions informed and enticed potential buyers.
    3. User Experience:A seamless user experience was paramount. Cart Potato optimized the navigation, ensuring easy browsing, product filtering, and a streamlined checkout process. The mobile-responsive design catered to users accessing the site from different devices.
    4. Sustainability Messaging:To emphasize Papernest’s unique selling proposition, the Shopify store prominently featured content that educated visitors about the brand’s eco-friendly initiatives. This created a sense of trust and resonance with like-minded shoppers.
    5. Integration:The Shopify store seamlessly integrated with Papernest’s existing inventory management system, ensuring real-time updates of product availability and easy order processing.
  • Results: The launch of Papernest’s Shopify store marked a significant milestone in their journey. The brand successfully transitioned from relying solely on marketplaces to owning an independent, purpose-built online presence. The results were tangible:
    1. Increased Brand Identity:The Shopify store provided Papernest with a platform to express their brand identity fully, connecting authentically with their audience.
    2. Enhanced User Engagement:The user-friendly design and intuitive navigation led to increased user engagement, longer time spent on the site, and a significant reduction in bounce rates.
    3. Sales Growth:The transition to an independent Shopify store led to a boost in sales, as customers appreciated the direct shopping experience and the brand’s commitment to eco-friendly products.
    4. Improved Sustainability Impact:By creating a dedicated space for their products, Papernest was able to amplify their sustainability message and educate customers about the importance of conscious consumption.
    5. Flexible Management:The seamless integration and user-friendly backend of Shopify empowered Papernest to manage their inventory, orders, and site content efficiently


Conclusion: The collaboration between Papernest and Cart Potato resulted in a Shopify store that embodied the brand’s essence, resonated with its audience, and fueled growth. With a unique design that celebrated sustainability, optimized user experience, and seamless integration, Papernest’s Shopify store became a shining example of how a purpose-driven E-commerce platform can drive business success while staying true to its values.

Pashmoda's Seamless Transition from WooCommerce to Shopify

Client Profile: Pashmoda

Pashmoda, a leading fashion and accessories brand, was looking to revamp their online presence to better serve their customer base. Their existing E-commerce store was built on WooCommerce, but the limitations and challenges they faced prompted them to seek a more robust and scalable solution.

Enter Cart Potato, a dedicated Shopify and Shopify Plus Agency renowned for its expertise in E-commerce solutions.

The Challenge: Outgrowing WooCommerce

Pashmoda’s WooCommerce-based store had served them well, but as their business expanded and sales grew, they encountered several pain points. The platform lacked the scalability required to accommodate their growing product catalogue and increasing customer traffic. Additionally, they faced challenges in managing inventory, streamlining the checkout process, and implementing advanced marketing strategies. There was a need for a platform that would empower them to achieve their E-commerce goals seamlessly.

The Solution: Shopify Migration by Cart Potato

Recognizing the need for a robust E-commerce solution, Pashmoda decided to migrate their store to Shopify. They partnered with Cart Potato, a Shopify and Shopify Plus Agency known for delivering exceptional results.

Step 1: Planning and Strategy

Cart Potato initiated the project with an in-depth analysis of Pashmoda’s business needs, goals, and pain points. A comprehensive migration strategy was devised, encompassing data migration, design customization, SEO optimization, and post-migration support.

Step 2: Data Migration

Efficient data migration was a crucial aspect of the project. Cart Potato ensured a seamless transfer of product data, customer information, order history, and other essential data points from WooCommerce to Shopify, ensuring minimal disruption to Pashmoda’s operations.

Step 3: Design Customization

Understanding Pashmoda’s brand identity and aesthetics, Cart Potato designed a visually stunning and user-friendly Shopify store. The new design maintained the essence of Pashmoda’s brand while incorporating modern E-commerce best practices.

Step 4: SEO Optimization

To ensure a smooth transition without affecting SEO rankings, Cart Potato meticulously handled URL redirects and implemented on-page SEO techniques. This strategic approach preserved Pashmoda’s search engine rankings and prevented any loss in organic traffic.

Step 5: Testing and Quality Assurance

Before launching the new Shopify store, Cart Potato conducted rigorous testing to identify and address any potential glitches or issues. This process ensured that the migrated store was fully functional and ready to deliver an exceptional user experience.

Step 6: Launch and Post-Migration Support

With thorough testing completed, Pashmoda’s new Shopify store was ready for launch. Cart Potato facilitated a seamless transition, minimizing downtime and ensuring a smooth customer experience. Post-migration, Cart Potato provided comprehensive support to address any queries or adjustments, ensuring a successful transition for both Pashmoda and its customers.

Results and Impact

The migration to Shopify brought about a remarkable transformation for Pashmoda. The new store exhibited improved performance, scalability, and enhanced user experience. Pashmoda’s team found it easier to manage inventory, process orders, and implement marketing strategies, contributing to increased operational efficiency. The design customization and SEO optimization efforts positively impacted Pashmoda’s online visibility, driving organic traffic and improving search engine rankings.


The collaboration between Pashmoda and Cart Potato exemplifies the power of a strategic and well-executed migration to Shopify platform. By seamlessly transitioning from WooCommerce to Shopify, Pashmoda was able to overcome their E-commerce challenges and position themselves for sustained growth. This case study underscores the importance of selecting the right E-commerce partner and platform for achieving success in the competitive online marketplace.

Seamless Migration from Magento to Shopify for Zink London

  • Client Overview: Zink London, a prominent player in the fashion industry, operated a substantial e-commerce business on the Magento platform. With a wide range of products and a large customer base, their platform needed to provide a seamless shopping experience while accommodating their rapid growth.
  • Challenge: While Magento served them well, Zink London sought a more user-friendly, scalable, and modern platform to enhance their online presence. They faced challenges with complex maintenance and felt the need for a smoother management system to accommodate their expanding product line.
  • Solution: Cart Potato, a recognized expert in Shopify migration, took charge of the migration process. We meticulously analyzed Zink London’s needs and proposed Shopify as the perfect solution. Our experienced team initiated a step-by-step migration plan, ensuring no data was lost during the transition. The new Shopify platform offered advanced customization capabilities and a user-friendly interface.
  • Results: The migration from Magento to Shopify proved to be a game-changer for Zink London. The newly designed store provided a seamless shopping experience for customers, resulting in increased user engagement and higher conversion rates. The user-friendly backend made management simpler for the Zink London team, freeing up time to focus on their core business strategies. The migration also improved the website’s load speed, resulting in reduced bounce rates and improved sales.
  • Conclusion: The collaboration between Cart Potato and Zink London exemplifies the successful transition from Magento to Shopify. The migration enhanced the e-commerce giant’s operational efficiency, customer experience, and business growth potential. SA Agency’s expertise in migration ensured a smooth process, and the transformation remains a testament to our commitment to delivering results for our valued clients.

Simplified Transition from Custom PHP to Shopify - Indian Silk House Agencies

  • Client Profile: Indian Silk House Agencies
    Indian Silk House Agencies, a renowned name in the world of ethnic fashion and textiles, was faced with the challenge of streamlining their online presence. Their existing E-commerce store, built on a complex Custom PHP platform, was hindering their ability to provide a seamless shopping experience to their customers. Recognizing the need for a robust and user-friendly solution, they turned to Cart Potato, a dedicated Shopify and Shopify Plus Agency known for delivering E-commerce excellence.
  • The Challenge: Navigating Complexity on Custom PHP
    Indian Silk House Agencies operated on a Custom PHP platform that was intricate and cumbersome. While the portal had served them well in the past, it posed a myriad of challenges as their business expanded. Managing a…
  • The Solution: Shopify Migration by Cart PotatoRecognizing the need for a comprehensive E-commerce overhaul, Indian Silk House Agencies embarked on a journey to migrate their store to Shopify. Partnering with Cart Potato, a Shopify and Shopify Plus Agency with a reputation for excellence, proved to be a pivotal decision.Step 1: Strategic PlanningCart Potato initiated the project with an in-depth assessment of Indian Silk House Agencies’ business needs, goals, and existing pain points. A meticulous migration strategy was developed, outlining the processes of data migration, design transformation, customization, and post-migration support.Step 2: Data Migration

    Migrating from a complex Custom PHP platform to Shopify required a methodical approach. Cart Potato executed a seamless transfer of product data, customer records, order history, and other essential data points. This transition ensured continuity while bringing in the benefits of Shopify’s user-friendly interface.

    Step 3: Design Transformation and Customization

    Understanding Indian Silk House Agencies’ brand identity and customer preferences, Cart Potato embarked on designing a visually appealing, responsive, and intuitive Shopify store. The goal was to maintain the essence of the brand while leveraging Shopify’s capabilities for a seamless shopping experience and world’s best check-out system.

    Step 4: Simplification and Enhanced User Experience

    The complicated portal on Custom PHP was transformed into a simplified, user-friendly and conversion rate optimised Shopify store. This transformation resulted in a shopping journey that was intuitive, efficient, and enjoyable for customers, ultimately leading to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

    Step 5: Testing and Quality Assurance

    Before the official launch, Cart Potato subjected the new Shopify store to rigorous testing to identify and rectify any issues. This meticulous process ensured that the migrated store was fully operational and primed to provide an exceptional user experience.

    Step 6: Launch and Post-Migration Support

    With thorough testing completed, Indian Silk House Agencies’ new Shopify store was launched seamlessly. Cart Potato ensured a smooth transition, minimizing any potential downtime and maintaining customer satisfaction. Post-migration, Cart Potato extended comprehensive support, addressing queries and providing adjustments as needed.

Results and Impact

The migration from a complex Custom PHP platform to Shopify proved to be transformative for Indian Silk House Agencies. The new store showcased enhanced performance, simplified navigation, and a remarkable user experience. Indian Silk House Agencies’ team found managing products, processing orders, and engaging customers to be significantly easier and efficient. The design transformation and enhanced user experience translated to improved customer engagement and increased sales.


The collaboration between Indian Silk House Agencies and Cart Potato exemplifies the power of migrating to a user-friendly and scalable platform like Shopify. By transitioning from a complicated Custom PHP system, Indian Silk House Agencies not only resolved their E-commerce challenges but also positioned themselves for sustained growth and customer satisfaction. This case study underscores the critical role of a dedicated E-commerce partner in achieving success and overcoming complex E-commerce hurdles in the modern digital landscape.

Transforming Christmas Magic with Good Elf's Shopify Store

Client Overview: Good Elf, a premier provider of festive magic, specializes in installing and decorating Christmas trees for offices, councils, venues, and special events. With a mission to spread holiday cheer and create unforgettable memories, Good Elf approached Cart Potato, the E-commerce wing of Digital Kangaroos, to help them translate their unique services into an engaging and efficient online experience.
The Challenge: The task at hand was to capture the enchanting essence of Good Elf’s services and translate it seamlessly onto a digital platform. The challenge lay in creating a Shopify store that not only showcased their offerings but also conveyed the magic, delight, and expertise that Good Elf brings to the holiday season.
Our Approach: Crafting a Whimsical Shopify Wonderland: Cart Potato embarked on the journey to create a Shopify store that was as magical as the holiday season itself. The goal was to encapsulate Good Elf’s festive spirit and make it accessible to customers seeking enchanting Christmas tree installations and decorations.
Visual Storytelling:The Shopify store was designed with a focus on visual storytelling. High-quality images showcasing beautifully adorned Christmas trees captured the imagination of visitors and conveyed the joy that Good Elf’s services bring.
User-Centric Design:A user-centric approach guided the navigation and layout. The user journey was carefully crafted to ensure easy exploration of services, with clear calls-to-action leading to inquiries and bookings.
Booking System:The heart of the Shopify store was the booking system. Cart Potato integrated a user-friendly booking platform that allowed customers to seamlessly select their desired services, customize options, and book installations for their preferred dates and locations.
Testimonials and Trust:To reassure customers of Good Elf’s expertise, the Shopify store prominently featured client testimonials and success stories. This social proof created trust and credibility, encouraging potential customers to make a booking.
Responsive Design:Recognizing the diverse devices customers might use to access the site, Cart Potato ensured a responsive design that provided an optimal viewing experience across all screens.
Results: The transformation of Good Elf’s online presence through their Shopify store was nothing short of magical:
Enhanced Customer Experience:The Shopify store created an immersive experience that allowed visitors to envision their spaces adorned with beautifully decorated Christmas trees.
Simplified Booking Process:The integrated booking system streamlined the customer journey, making it effortless for clients to book Good Elf’s services online.
Increased Conversions:The intuitive design and seamless booking process led to increased conversions and a surge in inquiries and bookings for Good Elf’s services.
Elevated Brand Perception:The visually appealing design and user-friendly interface elevated Good Elf’s brand perception, positioning them as the go-to experts in creating Christmas magic.
Customer Engagement:The Shopify store served as an interactive platform, engaging customers and encouraging them to explore the possibilities of festive decoration.
Conclusion: The collaboration between Good Elf and Cart Potato resulted in a Shopify store that magnificently captured the spirit of the holiday season. Through a user-centric design, seamless booking process, and enchanting visual storytelling, Good Elf’s Shopify store now serves as a digital haven for customers seeking to infuse their spaces with festive cheer. As the link between customers and magical Christmas moments, the Shopify store stands as a testament to how digital platforms can amplify the enchantment that Good Elf brings to the holiday season.

Visit the Shopify store at: https://www.goodelf.co.uk/